Our Spaces

Special spaces in the park
Opening 30 August

The Active Nature Space

The Active Nature Space opened on 30th August 2018. The space offers a series of active interaction and physical challenges appealing to children young and old. The exciting, interconnected features intertwine and accentuate the tree cave formed by the magnificent old oak tree. Making for a shaded, peaceful place to sit and be while children are playing, exploring and engaging with nature.

Arts Culture Space

The Arts/Culture / Community Open Space / Events area will offer a grassed open space for picnics, art and sculpture installations, performances, community gatherings, yoga, tai chi, something for everyone. Rock retaining terraces will help form a gently sloping open space and offer informal seating. A picnic area and barbeques will facilitate this gathering space.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc. continues fund raising efforts and to explore sponsorship expressions of interest to fund construction of the Arts Culture Space.

Sensory Therapeutic Space

By providing cascading water features for sound therapy; raised sensory garden beds highlighting colour, texture, scent and sound; seating retreats for refuge, sanctuary and solitude, the sensory therapeutic space will offer a variety of experiences.

Sound chimes will provide an interactive form of sound therapy and kinetic wind sculptures highlight movement.

Ephemeral Billabong in Sensory Therapeutic Space

The Ephemeral Billabong and water play area will offer opportunities for water play and sensory stimulation for all physical abilities.  A terraced sand pit with wheel chair accessible bays where water from channels can be diverted into the sandpit, and a wheelchair accessible rocking bridge spanning the water play channel will feature.

Woodland Ramble

The Woodland Ramble, at the southern end of the park, forms a creative natural space for freeform interactions.

It features a climbing forest for older children and adults, hut building frame and rambling trail. The Drooping Sheoak plantation references the Pine plantation once planted near the historic school site.